Siddurim and Mahzorim

Edot HaMizrah §

  1. Orot - Kol Sasson Siddur - Best Hebrew-English Edot HaMizrah siddur out there! Linear format, with a lucid translation and tons of commentary. Utilizes a transliteration and notation system that accommodates for the traditions of various pan-Sephardic communities
  2. Orot - Kol Yehuda - Selihot - The traditional Selihot liturgy
  3. Koren - Sephardic (Edot HaMizrah) Siddur
  4. Avodat Hashem - Hebrew - Minhag Ovadia Yosef. This siddur differentiates between Kamats Qatan & Gadol, as well as She’va Nah and She’va Na - making it extremely helpful for learning proper pronunciation.
    1. Sheliah Tsibbur Edition (prayer leader)

Syrian §

  1. Kol Ya’akob - standard Syrian siddur for Halabi/Aleppo communities. Also used or readily available in other Sephardic communities in NYC.
    1. Available in Hebrew and Hebrew-Arabic-English
  2. Keter Shelomo - Hebrew-English lucid, linear translation. Great for use during tefilot.

Egyptian §


Spanish & Portugese (S&P) §

  1. Aaron DeSola Pool Siddur - Traditional Spanish & Portuguese Siddur. Also used by Kehila Kedosha Janina (Romaniote) in NYC
  2. Kol Tuv Sefarad Siddur - Hebrew-Spanish - Based on the customs of the Amsterdam S&P community. Downloadable as PDFs
    1. Also available as a mobile app. The app version only includes the core prayers, and is intended for those who are newer or less familiar with te’filot. Contains some light halakhic or other commentary.
  3. Heshaim Siddurim - The London community’s siddurim, haggadoth, mahzorim, etc. Heshaim is an older transliteration of Etz Haim (Eṣ Haim)
  4. Homens da Nacao - Western Sephardic Liturgy - Digitally archived siddurim going back to the 1500s

Moroccan §

  1. Koren - Avoteinu - Hakhmei Morocco - The Koren Avoteinu Siddur is a complete Moroccan Siddur for weekdays and Shabbat that includes: explanations of, and sources for geographically-varied customs, commentaries from the Moroccan sages and language and pronunciation guides.
  2. Siddur Avot U’vanim - Hachmei Morocco - Nusach Hachmei Morocco and Sepharadim. This siddur also has the haschemet of Hakham Shlomo Amar (a former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem).

Yemenite §

  1. Siddur Tichlal - Tefilat Avot (Temani/Baladi) - A Weekday/Shabbat siddur according to the minhag of the Jews of Yemen (Baladi).

Persian §

  1. Te’filat Ezra - Hebrew-Farsi - standard Persian siddur (though the Persian minyan in Manhattan uses Kol Ya’akob)