Piyutim & Pizmonim §

General §

  1. Invitation to Piyut North America - contains PDFs of many piyutim (with Hebrew, English transliteration and translation, and historical or compositional notes), Recordings (browsable by name or tradition), Holiday Guides, and Chant Cards (Note: the melodies are Westernized and not in their original maqamat).

    Note: the maqamot of piyutim and pizmonim here have been flattened to fit into the Western Scale. Please see the sections below, for more traditionally authentic recordings
    1. B’nai Jeshurun - Invitation to Piyut North America - a consolidated/teaser version of the full site
    2. 18 Piyutim and Mizmorim - Printable booklet of the selections on BJ’s site - contains musical notation for each selection.
    3. Hakhanah La’Tefilah (Preparation for Prayer) - Study sheet with a selection of piyutim and readings.
    4. Piyut Holiday Guide - Selection of 18 piyutim, grouped by Holiday
  2. Wikipedia - Pizmonim

Books §

  1. Shira Hadasha - Collection of Pizmonim & Songs for Shabbat, Simhaot, and other sederim, by Hazzanim David Shiro and Menachem Mustaki - arranged by maqam.
  2. Abia Renanot Note

Spanish & Portugese §

  1. London Sephardi Congregational Melodies - Sabbath Table Songs
  2. http://www.yedeabraham.com/tiki/tiki-index.php
  3. https://sites.google.com/site/londonspmusic/home
  4. https://sites.google.com/site/londonsephardimusic/home
  5. http://www.archivio-torah.it/AUDIO/tempiospagnolo/
  6. http://www.chazzanut-esnoga.org/
  7. http://www.mikvehisraelmusic.org/
  8. http://riteportugais.free.fr/

Syrian §

  1. Sephardic Pizmonim Project - an archive of the Syrian Community’s “Red Book” (Shir Ushbaha Hallel VeZimrah) and other pizmonim. Contains lessons on all of the Arabic maqamat (musical modes/orders) and which parts of the liturgy they’re used for. Also contains recordings of the various pizmonim, parashiyoth, ta’amim, etc.
    1. Maqam of the Week - the weekly maqam for Shabbath Shaharit, corresponding to the perasha. Note: Musaf is done to the following week’s maqam.
    2. Library - Digitized versions of Miqra (including the Aleppo Codex), Pizmonim collections, Haggadah, Mahzor Aram Soba, etc.
    3. Mekor Judaica - Shira Ushbaha (physical copy - new)
    4. Ebay - used here
  2. Sephardic Hazzanut Project - Recordings of all the (Syrian) Sephardic liturgy, ta’amim, baqashot, and pizmonim
  3. SY Community - Pizmonim of Aleppo - YouTube playlist of Syrian pizmonim
  4. Aram Soba Orchestra

Selihot §

  1. David Dery - Selihot album
    1. Daat - Selihot - Nusah Edut HaMizrah - Hebrew text of all of David Dery’s Selihot album. If you want the English translations and commentary, buy Orot - Kol Yehuda - Selihot.

Baqashot §

  1. Emili Zrihan - 3am Ne’Emani
    1. Invitation to Piyut (Old Site) - עמ נאמני - Hebrew text of the Piyut here

Tanakh, Liturgy, Perasha, and Ta’amim §

Bukharian §

Egyptian §

Italian §

  • http://www.archivio-torah.it/HTM/indiceaudio.htm Parashiyot and haftarot in Italian melody

Moroccan & North African §

  1. Darke Aboteinu - Recordings of Moroccan Hazzanut, with notation on which local minhag they come from.
  2. Sha’ar Hashamayim of London - Moroccan Haggadah recordings
  3. http://www.tht.co.il/default.asp Torat Hashem Temimah Torah reading in Moroccan style (clips and CDs; Hebrew language site)
  4. http://www.toratemet.net/21292/Lire_La_Torah_Paracha_Taamim Torat Emet - Comparing North African melodies (French language site)

Spanish & Portuguese (S&P) §

  1. http://www.chazzanut-esnoga.org/Miscellaneous/Neginoth/parasha_and_haftarah.htm Spanish and Portuguese Torah and Haftarah melodies, Amsterdam style
  2. http://www.sephardim.org/liturgy/ Spanish and Portuguese Torah and Haftarah melodies, London style: recording
  3. http://utne.nvg.org/j/parasha/taamim_london.html Spanish and Portuguese Torah melody, London style: musical notation only (includes instructions for downloading musical notation font)
  4. https://www.sephardi.org.uk/community/sephardi-music/hazzanut%E2%80%A8/hazzanut-menu/ UK Sephardic community’s Hazzanut pages. Covers the entire liturgy.
  5. http://www.shearithisrael.org/media
  6. http://www.yedeabraham.com/tiki/tiki-index.php
  7. https://sites.google.com/site/londonspmusic/home
  8. https://sites.google.com/site/londonsephardimusic/home
  9. http://www.archivio-torah.it/AUDIO/tempiospagnolo/
  10. http://www.chazzanut-esnoga.org/
  11. http://www.mikvehisraelmusic.org/
  12. http://riteportugais.free.fr

Syrian §

  1. Pizmonim.org - Ta’amim - Explanation and recordings of the Syrian ta’amim system
  2. Tanach Study - Tehilim - Classes and recordings of each pereq of the Book of Psalms, from Syrian and Egyptian hazzanim
  3. Sephardic Hazzanut Project - Recordings of all the (Syrian) Sephardic liturgy, ta’amim, along with some baqashot, and pizmonim
    1. See the YouTube channel for more
  4. Taamim 101 Mickey Kairey Style

Yerushalmi §

  1. Daf Yomi Review - Sephardic Parasha Recordings