Halakha Publications

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  • Haim Ovadia
  • Yosef Bitton - Halakha of the Day

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  1. The Sephardic Responsa Forum - a collection of teshuvoth that focus on the opinions of Sephardic hakhamim of recent and historical times.
    1. Run by Rabbis Ilan Acoca, Yossi Azose, Ron-Ami Meyer, and Ben Hassan
      1. Rabbi Yossi Azose is the son of Hazzan Isaac Azose
  2. Halakha Yomit - Daily halakhic rulings, based on Hakham Ovadia Yosef’s halakhic works. Available in English, Spanish, French, and Hebrew, and run by Rabbis Yaakov Sasson, Yitzchak Fadda, Meir Gavriel Elbaz, and David Pitoun
  3. As has been pointed out elsewhere, Hakham Ovadia’s assertions about minhag didn’t always reflect the historical reality and variety of Sephardic minhag. He also occupied a very complicated space with regard to classical Sephardic tradition
    1. Nevertheless, Ovadia Yosef’s style was very encyclopedic, and as a result makes for a good point to further dive into other halakhic sources.