Food & Cookbooks

Cookbooks §

  • Claudia Roden’s “The Book of Jewish Food - goes into incredible detail on Sephardic and Mizrahi culinary practices
  • (in French) for Moroccan Jewish food and a cool forum
  • Janet Amateau, who has written several books and has a good blog at Sephardic
  • Le Culte de la table dressee in French, by Joelle Bahloul, is an incredible resource for Algerian Jewish cooking.
  • Gil Marks’ Encyclopedia of Jewish Food is really good for ingredients and cooking methods, and details a lot on Sephardic influence on Ashkenazi food going back to the 1300s.
  • Eat and Be Satisfied by John Cooper is also great. The Taste of Conquest by Michael Krondl is really good for the history of the Spice Trade, and also check out stuff on
  • Stuff on the Dutch Jewish Atlantic and Sephardic Dutch Jews by Jessica Roitman.
  • Rachel Laudan’s Cuisine and Empire