Educational Organizations and Publications

Yeshivoth §

MeMizrah Shemesh - ממזרח שמש §

  1. MeMizrah Shemesh ממזרח שמש - Jerusalem based

Sephardic Educational Center §

  1. Sephardic Educational Center - dedicated to strengthening Jewish identity for youth and young adults, and to building a new generation of spiritual and community leaders. From our historic campus in the Old City of Jerusalem to our various diaspora branches, the SEC’s philosophy of Classic Sephardic Judaism offers Jews an opportunity to connect with their roots in a warm, friendly and positive environment.
    1. SEC Jerusalem Campus - for an example of their studies, see This Week at Beit Midrash Sha’arei Uziel
    2. Sephardic House - hosts guests and events
    3. Hamsa Israel - trip for Teens
    4. HaMerkaz Magazine - year publication, downloadable as PDFs

Community & Publications §

haSepharadi §

haSepharadi is an independent platform dedicated to the shared and varied traditions, cultures, histories, music, and other art forms of the many unique groups within the pan-Sephardic community.

  • The collective engages scholars, academics, students, and artists of diverse disciplines to discuss ancient texts, grapple with contemporary issues, and work together to build a stronger, prouder, and more conscious Sepharadi community.
  • Our Mission: To perpetuate continuity of authentic pan-Sephardic thought and practice, cultivate pride in our unique identities, and celebrate our histories and achievements

The Sephardi Ḥabura §

  • The Sephardi Ḥabura - A virtual Bet Midrash dedicated to the classical Sephardi approach - striving to know God by embracing the world through the lens of Torah

Sephardic Horizons §

  • Sephardi Horizons - an incredible quarterly publication covering a very diverse range of Sephardic history (recent and further past). As its name suggests, it reflects and engages with the vibrant worldliness and diversity of Sephardic Jewry.

Homens da Nação §

  • Homens da Nação- a collection of works and writings by and about Western Sephardic intellectuals, hakhamim, and educators. Genres span commentary, translations, history, dictionary and grammar, pedagogical, sermons, social commentary, etc.

Sephardic Community Alliance §

Institute for Jewish Ideas & Ideals §

  1. Institute for Jewish Ideas & Ideals - many of the articles on this site are really more from a Modern/Open Orthodox understanding, rather than from Sepharadi approach. However, there are some excellent articles on various Sephardic Hakhamim as well

SY Community §

  1. SY Community - Youtube Channel - a collection of teachings by rabbinical and scholarly teachings from the larger Brooklyn Syrian community, as well as different prominent history and events in the community’s history.

American Sephardi Federation §

  1. Sephardi world weekly - shares brief introductions and links to timely, thought-provoking articles on Greater Sephardi history, the arts, and current affairs
  2. Sephardi Ideas Monthly - is a continuing series of essays from the rich, multi-dimensional world of Sephardi thought

Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America §

  1. Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America A network of Sephardic synagogues across America. Has resources for Ladino, Scholarship, Israel trips focused around Sephardic Jewry and community, and a variety of other community programming and events
    1. Has email newsletter - subscribe on homepage

Judaic Seminar §

    1. I believe this later became the Sephardic Community Alliance