Hakhamim, Teachers, and Scholars

Halakha §

Zoom Megilla Reading §

Note: the permissive links below require livestream/live phone transmission

  1. R’ Dov Lindzer - Zakhor and Megillah For Those Under Quarantine - Conditionally Permits (Narrow Scope)
  2. R’ David Golinkin: In Light of the Spread of the Corona Virus, is it Permissible to Listen to the Megillah Reading “Live” via Telephone, Radio, Television or Facebook? - Conditionally Permits (Broader Scope)
  3. R’ Alan Yuter - Online Megillah and Parshat Zakhor Readings During the Corona Virus Epidemic - Not Permitted

The PROHIBITION (not misvah) to get drunk: §

  1. H’ Eliyahou Zaini - Getting Drunk on Purim (class by Joey Mosseri)
  2. R’ Josh Yuter - Drinking on Purim
  3. R’ Haim Ovadia - Drinking on Purim

Costuming and Avoda Zara §

  1. R’ Rahmiel Ezra Travitz - The Origin of the Custom to wear Costumes on Purim (2nd_Draft)
  2. H’ Yosef Messas - Wearing Masks (costumes) and Drinking. Class by Joey Mosseri)

General §

  1. Laws of Purim: R’ Haim David Halevy (series of classes by R’ Yonatan Halevy)
  2. Mishneh Torah, Scroll of Esther and Hanukkah

Other §

  1. Noise During Megillah Reading (class by Joey Mosseri) - a very interesting teshuva regarding noise making, from Rhodes in the 1800s
  2. David Shasha - Notes on Purim: The affirmation of the diaspora